The cruise season is over, but we’re already working on the next one! Stay tuned, details will be announced soon…

While we look forward to welcoming you aboard our luxury catamaran, the Grand Cru, in 2024, did you know w offer a great selection of gourmet cruises aboard our elegant boat? So why not book one (or more!) to celebrate a special occasion—either for yourself or as a gift for somebody else?

You can make a reservation in advance (as soon as December), or purchase a gift card in whatever amount you’d like to spend. Easy-peasy!

Here are cruise ideas to celebrate your particular occasion.

Bubbly Hour | To organize a bachelorette party

Start your ladies’ night out with a couple of cocktails aboard Le Grand Cru. The fresh air and a short musical performance will set the mood for an evening of revelry. Starting at 3:30 p.m., the Bubbly Hour cruise runs until 5 p.m. when you’ll be back at the quayside, ready to party on with your single buddies!

Bubbly Hour | To mark a retirement

Visualize the scene. It’s Friday, the weather is great and it’s the final work day for a longtime colleague. Get together for an aperitif with the new retiree, reminisce about the good times when you worked together, and offer a toast to their future!

Anchors Aweigh | For Mother’s and/or Father’s Day

The cruise season doesn’t start until the end of May—but one solution is to buy your mom an Escapades Memphrémagog gift card or book an Anchors Aweigh cruise for later in the season. Meanwhile, Father’s Day (third Sunday in June!) will be well during our cruise season.

Anchors Aweigh is a three-hour, lunch/brunch gourmet cruise with live entertainment—an outing that’s popular with both young and old.

Anchors Aweigh | To celebrate the end of term

This is the moment for teachers to take a break! All year around, they work hard to educate your children, so when school is out, they can unwind and think up a new curriculum for the next term. Treat one or two of them to brunch aboard the Grand Cru. They’re sure to appreciate the gesture and there are few more relaxing ways to spend a couple of hours than sailing around Lake Memphremagog…

Offshore | To kick off (or finish up!) your vacation

Vacations always seem to fly by so quickly, so why not make the most of your downtime and kick off your well-earned break with dinner aboard the Grand Cru? Our three-and-a-half-hour Offshore cruise includes a welcome cocktail, a tasty, three-course meal and live entertainment. This gourmet outing is also a great way to give yourself a last-minute treat at the end of your vacation, before having to go back to work!

Offshore | To celebrate an anniversary

For someone who has absolutely everything, you usually have to rack your brains to come up with a gift that’s unusual or unique. How about this? A gourmet dinner on a beautiful summer’s evening, sailing around Lake Memphremagog. Even better, make it a surprise! Don’t tell the person until you arrive at the quayside. If you want to make the anniversary even more special, then book a weekend package that includes accommodation in the beautiful Eastern Townships—a gift that will live on in the recipient’s memory for a very long time!

Finally, for all those occasions (or for no particular reason at all!) it’s a wonderful idea to treat yourself to a cruise with Escapades Memphrémagog—number seven on our list of suggestions!

So, which cruise will you choose?