Now that you’ve decided to hold an event you’ve probably calculated how many people you want to attend, as well as having a rough idea about how the day might go. Perhaps you’ve also made a list of the services you’ll need―i.e. catering, accommodation, activities… The next step is to outline your project to us, to that you can focus on other details.

Julie Grenier, group sales director of the PAL+ group, answers some typical questions that arise when organizing a corporate or group event.

How far in advance should we book a space for our event?

If it’s for a wedding, you have to book at least one year in advance. The most popular days for this happy event are Saturdays in July and August, so if you want the marriage to take place at those times of the year, then it’s advisable to book two years ahead of time. If you don’t want to plan so far ahead, we can offer you options by advising you to change the date. We have much more flexibility in the month of May or from mid-October through the winter.

If it’s for a Christmas party, the best time to book is… right after your Christmas party! In fact, we often receive requests for the following December as early as January.

If it’s for a conference or a meeting, bookings tend to be more last minute―i.e. one or two months ahead of the event. Clearly, the earlier you book the better. May and September are the first months to fill up!

Julie Grenier

How do we chose a room or a space that fits our needs?

The first question you should ask yourself is what is of prime importance? The ambience? Wanting to create a WOW factor? The food? The quality of service? All those factors will help you to make a decision. If you’re unsure about your priorities, please come and visit our spaces!

Using Escapades Memphrémagog’s Grand Cru, as an example…  Our cruise boat is the best choice for creating a memorable experience! The boat is elegant, the food is excellent and the setting, on scenic Lake Memphremagog, is hard to beat.

At the Espace 4 Saisons hotel, it’s the warm, welcoming ambience that appeals. The informal, “cabin chic” decor immediately puts guests at ease. Our professional maîtres d’hôtel offer exceptional service and, when you dine at Bistro 4 Saisons, you’ll have a gourmet meal to remember!

If you’re looking for something unique and somewhat exotic for your gathering, we recommend that you choose the Versō hotel and neighbouring Kóz bistro, where the menu features Mediterranean-inspired fare with dishes to share with other members of your group. Discover a slew of distinctive flavours while soaking in the spectacular views over Lake Memphremagog.

Finally, if you’re wanting to let your hair down, we suggest the OMG Resto, Sherbrooke’s party central! Situated in a former church, this zany eatery has an artsy, avant-garde atmosphere and the menu features innovative, flavourful dishes. We guarantee you’ll have a good time!

Why engage the services of the PAL+ group?

We offer turnkey operations and have gained a sterling reputation for meeting our clients’ expectations. They have confidence in us, because they know we will deal with the details. To us, offering excellent service and making an event run smoothly is of prime importance. We care about our guests! Moreover, because we operate several establishments under the PAL+ banner, we are able to be flexible in terms of what kind of accommodation, food, group activities, etc. we can suggest to our clients.

Can you give us an example?

This summer, we designed an event aboard the Grand Cru boat for a group of golfers. They started the day with a hearty breakfast, then sailed to the Owl’s Head Golf Course. After a day’s play, they got back aboard the boat to enjoy a dinner cruise on Lake Memphremagog.

That’s a typical example of what we like to design for our clients―one-of-a-kind events that are custom made and well planned!

Consider hiring the PAL+ team for:


– Employee recognition and team building activities

– Family reunions

– Retirement parties

– Extra special birthday celebrations